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Mati Rose McDonough is an artist and illustrator who lives in San Francisco where she regularly encounters lucky elephants, talking birds and a mysterious girl who always wears feathers in her hair. These creatures of mystery and grace remind Mati daily that no one is too old for magic or too young for beauty, so she paints their stories in paint, fabric, found paper and canvas for fans of hope and adventure all over our dear world. When she’s not covered in paint you can find her biking to the ocean, drinking tea and searching for colorful baubles of inspiration to share with you. Mati studied painting at the California College of the Arts and has had many shows around the country. Mati has taught around the country at Art Nest in Utah, Artful Journey in California and Toscana Americana in Italy. She is represented by Lilla Rogers Studio in illustration and licensing and has had her art published on Patagonia shirts, featured in Pier 1, University Game boards, Madison Park Greeting products and Oopsy Daisy canvases. Mati has also been included in several magazines and books including features in Artful Blogging magazine and The Handmade Marketplace book. www.matirose.com

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October 19,2012
Mati Rose McDonough, Author of Daring Adventures in Paint, was featured on the Creative Living with Jamie podcast recently. Learn More.
July 13,2012
Although she has long harbored artistic aspirations, it wasn't until Maine native Mati Rose McDonough moved to San Francisco in 2000 that she became determined to make art her livelihood. Now she's a successful artist and author with her book Daring Adventures in Paint. Learn More.
July 12,2012
Blogger Kelly Rae Roberts and Mati Rose McDonough, author of Daring Adventures in Paint, are good friends and admirers of each others' work. Learn More.