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China Towns Asian Cooking in 100 Recipes

China Towns

In this visually stunning cookbook, author Jean-Francois Mallet, a trained chef and photographer, goes behind the scenes in Chinese communities around the world in order to understand how and why the food...
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Comfort Recipes To Warm The Heart and Feed The Soul


In Comfort, Carolyn Caldicott offers tasty and uncomplicated ideas for nutricious soothing suppers, lazy Sunday morning brunches, relaxed evenings with friends and indulgent treats....
| Hardcover | More Info | Online Retailers
Make-Ahead Meals Made Healthy

Make-Ahead Meals Made Healthy

Cook the best, most nutritious food for your family and save time and money with this mega-delicious guide to preparing meals you can fix-and-freeze now and enjoy any night of your crazy-busy...
| Paperback | More Info | Online Retailers
Men's Cooking A No-Nonsense Guide to Buying, Cooking and Eating Great Food

Men's Cooking

Full of sensible advice and focused on techniques rather than just recipes, this book is  about teaching people how to cook absolutely anything, rather than just a set of predetermined dishes.  It shows...
| Hardcover | More Info | Online Retailers
The Alchemy of Food

The Alchemy of Food

This wonderful book examines the beneficial effect on the human body of quality products and the fusion of unusual and neglected ingredients.  By providing a number of mouth-watering recipes that not only...
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The Flavorful Kitchen Cookbook

The Flavorful Kitchen Cookbook

The Flavorful Kitchen Cookbook is an indispensable guide to exotic and decadent flavor combinations for the home chef....
| Paperback | More Info | Online Retailers
The Home Deli

The Home Deli

The Home Deli brings the accumulation of all history and all foods into your own kitchen. Within its pages you will find easy to follow recipes for meats as varied as corned...
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September 19,2014
Jonathon Sawyer, author of Noodle Kids by Quarry Books, has been named one of the best chefs to follow on Instagram. Learn More.
September 17,2014
Starting in October, KQED-TV will begin production on Jacques Pepinís final TV cooking series, Jacques Pepin: Heart & Soul. Pepin's daughter, Claudine, wrote the new Quarry Books title, Kids Cook French, with illustrations by her father. Learn More.
May 27,2014
Apothecary Cocktails, by Warren Bobrow, has been nominated for the Spirited Award for Best New Cocktail/Bartending Book by Tales of the Cocktail 2014. Learn More.


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