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Herb Gardening

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A History of Kitchen Gardening

A History of Kitchen Gardening

This book is a new and significantly revised version of the much acclaimed Charleston Kedding: A History of Kitchen Gardening, which was published in 1996. In that book the story revolved around...
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Herbs! Creative Herb Garden Themes and Projects


Easy to grow and preserve, herbs are a popular choice for gardeners. This beautifully illustrated book of more than a dozen themed herb gardens makes it easy to decide what kind of...
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Indoor Kitchen Gardening

Indoor Kitchen Gardening

In Indoor Kitchen Gardening, author Elizabeth Millard teaches you how to grow microgreens, sprouts, herbs, mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers and moreā€”all inside your own home, where you won't have to worry about season...
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Backyard Pharmacy Growing Medicinal Plants in Your Own Yard

Backyard Pharmacy

Take control of your health! Learn about the benefits of herbs and natural health remedies for yourself and your family, and even grow them right in your own backyard....
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Homegrown Herb Garden

Homegrown Herb Garden

Homegrown Herb Garden is packed with recipes and techniques to help home chefs learn to grow and learn about herbs right in their own kitchen....
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