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19th Century U.S. History

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Civil War Battlegrounds

Civil War Battlegrounds

Relive the historic battles of the Civil War in this comprehensive overview of battle sites, fully illustrated with period photography and modern artwork covering the war from Fort Sumter to Appomattox....
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Firearms of the Wild West

Firearms of the Wild West

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January 12,2012
Walter Foster Publishing, the world's leading art instruction publisher, and MEDL Mobile, a leader in mobile development, have partnered to create a new drawing experience for creative children. "Kids! Learn to Draw by Walter Foster" teaches budding artists how to draw an engaging array of subjects using step-by-step guides and the touch of a finger. Learn More.
November 1,2011
Cool Springs Press innovative use of Quick Response (QR) codes is the subject of a story in Publishers Weekly. Learn More.
September 21,2011
Americaís Civil War will publish an excerpt from The Greatest Brigade in itís November issue. The excerpt made the cover of the November issue. Learn More.