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The Math Handbook

The Math Handbook

Does math intimidate you? Don’t panic! The good news is that just a handful of central ideas and techniques can carry you a very long way. So, I am pleased to present...
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Book of Numbers

Book of Numbers

A companion to The Book of Words, you will be amazed at just how entertaining numbers can be. This book is a sequence of numbers, starting from zero and working forward, all...
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What are the Odds?

What are the Odds?

Whether or not you're a risk-taker by nautre, you will no doubt pay some attention to the odds in just about everything you do. ...
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How Many Socks Make a Pair?

How Many Socks Make a Pair?

How many socks make a pair? The answer is not always two. And behind this question lies a world of maths that can be surprising, amusing and even beautiful....
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April 23,2014
The Quarto Group was featured in Publishers Weekly London Book Show Daily on April 9, 2014. Here are a few excerpts from the article. Learn More.
January 12,2012
Walter Foster Publishing, the world's leading art instruction publisher, and MEDL Mobile, a leader in mobile development, have partnered to create a new drawing experience for creative children. "Kids! Learn to Draw by Walter Foster" teaches budding artists how to draw an engaging array of subjects using step-by-step guides and the touch of a finger. Learn More.
November 1,2011
Cool Springs Press innovative use of Quick Response (QR) codes is the subject of a story in Publishers Weekly. Learn More.