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Bluebird and the Dead Lake

Bluebird and the Dead Lake

John Pearson's classic book about Donald Campbell is an extraordinarily compelling and moving portrait of a modern tragic hero, fighting a battle with inhospitable elements and the outer limits of technology -...
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Concept Cars From the 1930s to the Present

Concept Cars

Concept Cars is a book exploring designs and prototypes of dream cars: vehicles that we passionately hope one day will be part of our cars-to-come dream....
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Ford GT40 Conquers Le Mans

Ford GT40 Conquers Le Mans

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Ford's iconic 1966 victory and get the detailed back story leading to that historic win--including the parts played by Enzo Ferrari, Henry Ford II, and Carroll Shelby....
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Ford Ranger An Illustrated History of America's Favorite Compact Pickup

Ford Ranger

Covers all models of the most popular pickup trucks to ever hit the highways and byways - the compact-sized Ford Ranger pickup that was in production from 1983 through 2011....
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Ford Total Performance

Featuring unpublished period photographs, plus artwork from Ford designers, Ford Total Performance covers all of Ford's classic race and street cars, including Cobras and Shelby Mustangs, from 1961 to 1971....
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The Monza 1000KM

The Monza 1000KM

Between 1965 and the Nineties, the 1000 Km of Monza-Filippo Caracciolo Trophy, was one of the most classical endurance races - a sort of 24 hours of Le Mans - and for...
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Muscle Car Source Book

Heavily illustrated and rich with data covering all the classic-era muscle cars from all of the manufacturers--this is a reference book every muscle car fan must have!...
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Porsche Turbo The World's Premier Performance Cars

Porsche Turbo

Porsche Turbo: The World's Premiere Performance Cars celebrates Porsche's five decades of turbocharged supercar performance, both on the track and on the street. Don't let this one fly past you!...
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April 23,2014
The Quarto Group was featured in Publishers Weekly London Book Show Daily on April 9, 2014. Here are a few excerpts from the article. Learn More.
April 27,2012
Sam Smith of MSN Autos says Shelby Cobra Fifty Years "is the best car book I've read this year." He continues: "It's wonderfully assembled and passionately written, and it takes a refreshingly new angle on a much-discussed subject. Buy it." Learn More.
January 12,2012
Walter Foster Publishing, the world's leading art instruction publisher, and MEDL Mobile, a leader in mobile development, have partnered to create a new drawing experience for creative children. "Kids! Learn to Draw by Walter Foster" teaches budding artists how to draw an engaging array of subjects using step-by-step guides and the touch of a finger. Learn More.


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