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The Drum Kit Handbook

The Drum Kit Handbook

Here is the first hands-on, how-to manual devoted to drum sets, providing drummers essential information on buying, maintaining, setting up, modifying, and tuning their drumkits. Packed with photographs and hard-won advice, this book...
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Miles Davis The Complete Illustrated History

Miles Davis

Here is the illustrated history of Miles Davis, the world’s most popular jazz trumpeter, written by an all-star team, including Ashley Kahn, Sonny Rollins, Bill Cosby, Herbie Hancock, George Wein, Francis Davis,...
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Manx Moods The Sights & Songs of Mann

Manx Moods

All great artists need inspiration, be it from a smell, a sound or (like the musicians of the Isle of Man) from great beauty. Manx Moods captures the immortal link that exists...
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Jazz Body and Soul


The West Coast, 1950s.  Bob Willoughby worked late into the night developing and printing his photographs with his radio firmly dialed into these new sounds. You will find his incredible images of...
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August 9,2012
Bob Willoughby loves jazz. And jazz musicians. As the first-call photographer for movie studios and entertainment venues, he had access to the stars as few other photographers had. Learn More.
January 12,2012
Walter Foster Publishing, the world's leading art instruction publisher, and MEDL Mobile, a leader in mobile development, have partnered to create a new drawing experience for creative children. "Kids! Learn to Draw by Walter Foster" teaches budding artists how to draw an engaging array of subjects using step-by-step guides and the touch of a finger. Learn More.
December 12,2011
Chad Smith, drummer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, has provided the foreword the The Drum Kit Handbook. The book will hit stores in February. Learn More.