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Target Field The New Home of the Minnesota Twins

Target Field

In 2010, major league baseball in Minnesota heads outdoors for the first time in nearly two decades—and at one of the finest baseball facilities anywhere. Target Field explores the Minnesota Twins’ long...
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Ballparks A Panoramic History


This lavishly illustrated production includes a two page spread of all of the major league parks as well as photos and information on 16 old parks-many of which no longer exist-and fascinating...
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Phillips 66 1945-1954 Photo Archive

Phillips 66 1945-1954 Photo Archive

Here are the stations, the uniforms, the equipment, and the vehicles, all captured in a collection of exciting photographs from the archives of Phillips Petroleum Company....
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Jim Stirling and the Red Trilogy

Jim Stirling and the Red Trilogy

The University of Leicester Engineering Building, the History Faculty and Library at Cambridge, and the residential Florey Building at Queen's College are much praised by architects, yet hated by the members of...
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Marking Ground

Marking Ground

A personal account of three major buildings by the famed Israeli architect, Ada Karmi-Melamede: the Supreme Court Building in Jerusalem, co-designed by her brother Ram Karmi (1993); the Open University...
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The Architecture of Hope

The Architecture of Hope

A visual history of one of Britain's most exciting contemporary building projects - Maggie's Centres; new cancer caring centers that offer a fresh approach in architecture and health, designed by world-renowned architects....
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