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Body Art & Tattooing

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Tattoo Coloring Book

Tattoo Coloring Book

Calling kids and art lovers of all ages: get creative and make the tattoos in this beautiful coloring book take shape and come to life by adding your own color and detail....
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Tattoos Ancient Traditions, Secret Symbols and Modern Trends


Illustrated with stunning full color photography, this book presents a rich gallery of contemporary tattoo pieces...
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Henna Sourcebook Over 1,000 traditional designs and modern interpretations for body decorating

Henna Sourcebook

Henna Sourcebook presents representative henna patterns from all around the world and provides the perfect inspiration for selecting henna designs to fit every occasion, mood and taste of anyone wanting to participate...
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Body Piercing The Body Art Manual

Body Piercing

The first fully comprehensive, illustrated guide to body art in all its forms, this book is the only reference source available that takes you through every step of the process....
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Planet Ink The Art and Studios of the World's Top Tattoo Artists

Planet Ink

This unique look at the art of the tattoo examines the form through profiles of 18 of the world’s top artists from the United States, Europe, Brazil, and the Pacific Rim....
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Mythical and Spiritual Tattoo Design Directory

Mythical and Spiritual Tattoo Design Directory

This book will also appeal to anyone with an interest in tattoos and tattoo art, traditional tattoo forms and techniques, or even religious symbolism and iconography....
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Tattoo Design Directory

Tattoo Design Directory

Whether you are an artist or just thinking of getting a tattoo, this book includes flash drawings and symbolic explainations of the world's most enthralling tattoo symbols....
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Dragon Tattoos An Exploration of Dragon Tattoo Iconography from Around the World

Dragon Tattoos

Written by acclaimed photographer Doralba Picerno, Dragon Tattoos is an exploration of dragon tattoo iconography from around the world....
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Hollywood Makeup Lab

Hollywood Makeup Lab

The Hollywood Makeup Lab is an instructive, hobbyist book that revolves around special effects makeup. For those interested in the worlds of cosmetology and cinema, this book is a great resource....
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Custom Tattoo 101

Custom Tattoo 101

Custom Tattoo 101 highlights the best ways to custom design the perfect tattoo so it’s the correct size, the perfect design, and entirely unique to you....
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