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Gardening (General)

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Small Budget Gardener

Small Budget Gardener

With consumers seeking ways to do more with less money, this book is a must have for gardening on a budget. With helpful tips and advice, gardeners can create beautiful, healthy sustainable...
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Garden Rules The Snappy Synopsis for the Modern Gardener

Garden Rules

Garden Rules captures the essence of gardening by providing short, snappy, easy-to-remember tidbits of advice that will help homeowners and wannabe gardeners learn the shortcut rules to being successful. ...
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Veggie Lovers Garden Journal

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December 16,2013
When it comes to raising homegrown produce, patience is required—unless you grow sprouts. A snap to cultivate indoors, these tasty germinated seeds provide you with fast good-for-you food. So begins the article about Homegrown Sprouts, by Rita Galchus. The story gives a quick overview of how to grow sprouts for home use, including supplies needed and uses for different types of sprouts. Learn More.
October 31,2013
Author and horticulturist Mary Irish gardened successfully in Phoenix for several years, so she understands dry weather and heat. But when the native Texan and her husband, Gary, moved to Castroville, Texas, just outside San Antonio, about two years ago, they had to adjust to a different set of gardening rules. Learn More.
July 22,2013
Bad soil? Not enough soil? Maybe even no soil? Skip the ground and try planting fruits and vegetables in straw bales instead, suggests Joel Karsten, author of "Straw Bale Gardens" and guru of one of this year's gardening trends. The idea behind straw-bale gardening is simple. Learn More.