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Camaro Restoration Guide, 1967-1969

Camaro Restoration Guide, 1967-1969

Jason Scott

Format: Paperback, 288 Pages
ISBN: 9780760301609
Publisher: Motorbooks
Illustrations: B&W Ill: 300
Size: 8.25 x 11 x 0.625
Weight: 0.13 lb.
Published: Jul. 25, 1997
Price: $34.95
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The ultimate book of knowledge to correctly restore your first-generation Camaro to its original factory specs! Hundreds of photographs aid in parts identification and correct assembly of your Camaro's engine, chassis, body sheet metal, interior and exterior colors and trim, electrical system, wheels and tires, decals and more. The technical reference for accurate restoration, assembly, refurbishing and show judging of your prized Camaro.
Jason Scott has over 20 yearsu2019 experience overhauling muscle cars for hundreds of articles published in numerous magazines. He is the author of several MBI titles, including Camaro Restoration Guide 1967-1969; Original Camaro 1967-1969; and How to Rebuild and Modify Your Muscle Car.
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