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How to Keep Your Muscle Car Alive

How to Keep Your Muscle Car Alive

Harvey White

Format: Paperback, 224 Pages
ISBN: 9780760335468
Publisher: Motorbooks
Illustrations: 150 color photos, 50 diagrams
Size: 8.25 x 10.625
Weight: 0.13 lb.
Published: Apr. 4, 2009
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Muscle cars were made to be driven, not entombed in a museum or show garage. The trouble is, classic muscle cars--those built between 1964 and 1974--are nearly half a century old and need a bit more maintenance and care than last year’s model.  That’s where this book comes in.  Drawing on decades of experience, Harvey White lays out the steps for keeping a muscle car alive, day after day,  year after year.  His book shows how an owner with a modicum of mechanical ability can do the basic repairs and maintenance to keep a muscle car on the road. 


With clearly outlined and illustrated information on all major systems--including suspension, steering, & brakes; wheels & tires; engine; cooling; exhaust; fuel; ignition & electrical; transmission; rear axle & driveshaft; accessories; bodywork; interior & upholstery--this book puts the welfare of your muscle car into good hands:  yours.

Author Harvey White has always appreciated muscle cars. He was fortunate enough to be a teenager in the 1970s when muscle cars were plentiful and inexpensive. While he was still in high school he purchased his first muscle car, a 1969 Olds 442, from its original owner for $500. He has owned and driven a muscle car ever since. His current car is a 1968 Oldsmobile 442 convertible. It’s been his daily driver for the past 23 years. Harvey works as an engineering manager in the computer industry. Previously, he owned an automotive service shop that specialized in automotive wiring, fuel injection, and carburetion. He decided to write this book to pass on what he has learned through years of experience keeping muscle cars alive.

“This book lays out the steps for keeping a muscle car on the road, where it belongs, with clearly illustrated directions for maintaining and repairing all major systems.” -

“This book is a neat reference material for any owner of an aging muscle car or hot rod. We think the perfect owner of this book would be the car enthusiast who has just purchased a project car or even a completed driver and has not been turning wrenches for a while and may need to dust up on a few things, or just the enthusiast who drives the wheels of his or her hot rod and needs to keep it maintained. If you are an enthusiast who loves to tinker and improve your junk like most of us are, we’d recommend putting this on your shelf and pulling it out the next time you are going to wrench on your car. It’s all about the fundamentals!” - Brian Lohnes,

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