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The Fresh Girl's Guide to Easy Canning and Preserving

The Fresh Girl's Guide to Easy Canning and Preserving

Ana Micka

Format: Flexibound, 128 Pages
ISBN: 9780760338469
Publisher: Voyageur Press
Illustrations: 49 color illustrations
Size: 7 x 9
Weight: 0.06 lb.
Published: Sep. 3, 2010
Price: $19.99
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Canning is an easy, fun, and affordable way to enjoy fresh-grown local foods all year long. The Fresh Girl’s Guide to Easy Canning and Preserving provides all the information you need to know to start canning today, including basic steps to canning foods safely and easily; recipes for preserving everything from the standard tomatoes and jams to soups, sauces, and other hearty meals; and tips on where to find the freshest local produce. Includes a how-to DVD.

Ana Micka taught herself to can several years ago. It only made sense—in the cold climate of Minnesota, canning is the only way to eat fresh, locally grown food outside of the short harvest season. Since then, Ana has been giving demonstrations on how to can for the Minnesota Horticultural Society. She lives and cans in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

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October 8,2010
Ana Micka, the author of The Fresh Girl's Guide to Canning and Preserving , appeared on Fox 9 in Minneapolis to demonstrate canning applesauce. Learn More.