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An Illustrated History

SpaceShipOne An Illustrated History

Dan Linehan

Format: Paperback, 160 Pages
Item: 149871
ISBN: 9780760339886
Publisher: Zenith Press
Illustrations: 283 color photos, 12 diagrams
Size: 9.25 x 10.875
Weight: 1.563 lb.
Edition: First
Published: June 3rd 2011
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“One of the most remarkable accomplishments in our conquest of gravity.” — Sir Arthur C. Clarke
In April, 2003, a company called Scaled Composites introduced SpaceShipOne to the world. SpaceShipOne: An Illustrated History chronicles the development of the world’s first commercial manned space program—aprogram that includes an airborne launcher (the White Knight), a space ship (SpaceShipOne), rocket propulsion, avionics, simulator, and full ground support. With ample illustrations, photographs, and behind-the-scenes information, SpaceShipOne provides a full picture of this classified project.
The story of SpaceShipOne combines the adventurous spirit of Charles Lindbergh, the entrepreneurial drive of Howard Hughes, and the urgency of the space race at the height of the Cold War.

In 2004, Dan Linehan attended the launch of SpaceShipOne when it captured the Ansari X Prize. A senior science editor for educational publishing companies, he has a background in physics and engineering and has written numerous articles about aviation and space. Linehan was the editor and principle feature writer for the California International Airshow’s event program from 2003 to 2005. During 2006 and 2007, he spent two months studying wildlife and environmental concerns in Antarctica and its surroundings. Linehan lives in Monterey, California.

"The book is filled with hundreds of rare photos, charts, and details that I have not seen in a single source before and includes numerous comments taken from interviews with all the key players. It is a remarkable book that covers this achievement in remarkable detail and should be considered a primary reference  for anyone doing research on commercial space. Dan Linehan should be commended for an amazing program summary, the likes of which belongs in any library focused on commercial spaceflight. When students and historian look back at this program, this is the book, the one book, they need to refer to." - Quest: The History of Spaceflight newsletter

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