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1000 Ideas by 100 Fashion Designers

1000 Ideas by 100 Fashion Designers
Format: Paperback, 320 Pages
ISBN: 9781592535729
Illustrations: 1000
Size: 9.18 x 9.18
Weight: 0.13 lb.
Published: Apr. 1, 2010
Price: $40.00
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Fashion isn't art. The latter can just be admired, while the first needs to be sold. How do designers create constant objects of desire? In this book, 100 designers give 1000 tips on what it takes to be a great fashion designer. These tips address a number of issues: flare inspiration, collection concept, the promise of clothing, the use of fabrics, and more. New talents and renowned names provide insights and ideas for both expert and up and coming designers.

Carolina Cerimedo studied Media and Fine Arts in Argentina and received her masteru2019s degree in Fashion Communication in Barcelona, Spain.
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