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The Great American Scenic Railroads

The Great American Scenic Railroads
Format: Hardcover, 192 Pages
ISBN: 9780785828532
Publisher: Chartwell Books
Size: 12.25 x 9.5
Weight: 0.19 lb.
Published: Aug. 15, 2011
Price: $14.99
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Rail travel changes the world: no longer dependent on horse or water-borne transportation, people could travel easily over huge distances. Heavy industries, manufacturers, and sales outlets were able to transport goods efficiently and cheaply. For a hundred years rail was the indispensable mode of transportation.

 This book does not pretend to be a comprehensive account of each of the scenic railroads in the United States; rather it provides a potted history of many of the most significant. Many are steam operated but others, traversing some of the most stunning scenery that the country can offer, are diesel-operated. There are lines in most parts of the country and many offer a wide range of themed special or dining services. In an era when we should be increasingly conscious of our impact on the environment, these scenic railroads have much to offer in allowing access to the countryside without destroying it.
Michael Swift is a publisher with many years' experience, particularly in the fields of industrial archeology, transportation, and railroads. With family living close to the scenic railways of New England, he has spent many happy hours behind steam locomotives in North America and the rest of the world. He is also known for his books of cartography.
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