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Rock 'n' Roll Myths

The True Stories Behind the Most Infamous Legends

Rock 'n' Roll Myths
Format: Paperback, 240 Pages
Item: 194714
ISBN: 9780760342305
Publisher: Voyageur Press
Illustrations: 102 color & 55 b/w photos
Size: 7 x 9
Weight: 1.5 lb.
Edition: First
Published: June 12th 2012
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It's perhaps the relative modernity of rock 'n' roll that makes the genre a minefield of myths and legends accepted as truth. History hasn't had time to dissect the bunk. Until now.

Discover the real stories behind rock's biggest crocks, how they came to be but why they have persisted. Did Cass Elliott really asphyxiate herself with a ham sandwich? Did the Beatles spark a spliff in Buckingham? Did Willie Nelson do the same in the White House? Did Keith Richards get a complete "oil change" at a Swiss clinic in 1973 to pass a drug test necessary to embark on an American tour with the Stones?
Then there's the freaky (did Michael Jackson own the remains of the Elephant Man?), the quasi-medical (Rod Stewart and that stomach pump?), the culinary (did Alice Cooper and Ozzy Osbourne really do all those things to bats, chickens, etc. onstage?), and the apocryphal (did Robert Johnson sell his soul to the Prince of Darkness in exchange for mastery of the blues?).
In all, more than 50 enduring lies are examined, explained, and debunked.



Daniel Durchholz is co-editor of MusicHound Rock: The Essential Album Guide and co-author of Neil Young: Long May You Run. He has written for Rolling Stone, Billboard, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Chicago Tribune, and Washington Post. He lives in Wildwood, Missouri.

Gary Graff is an award-winning music journalist and a regular contributor to the New York Times Features Syndicate, Billboard, Revolver, and other publications, as well as radio stations in Detroit and Milwaukee. He is the co-author of Neil Young: Long May You Run.
"Even if you already know the truth behind many of the myths, it's still enlightening to read Graff and Durchholz's well-researched take on the legends." - Lincoln Journal-Star
"If you're a rock fan, a gossip lover, or a head banger from way back, Rock ‘n' Roll Myths will hit the right note." - Terri Schlichenmeyer
The Bookworm Sez Syndicated Column
"The book is filled with fun facts and the debunking of rumors. If you think you already know everything there was to know about your favorite bands, just read this." - Steven Rosen, Curled Up with a Good Book

“If you’re a rock fan, a gossip lover, or a head banger from way back, Rock ‘n’ Roll Myths will hit the right note.” - Terri Schlichenmeyer’s syndicated book reviews

“The book is surprising deep in coverage, tackling more than 50 myths, urban legends and stories over a cross section of genres, everything from Kiss and Donna Summers to the Ohio Players and Sid Vicious.” - Blurt magazine
“The book is filled with fun facts and the debunking of rumors. If you think you already know everything there was to know about your favorite bands, just read this.” -
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1. Did Robert Johnson Sell His Soul at the Crossroads?
2. Did Led Zeppelin Sign a Deal with the Devil?
3. How Did Sabbath Get Their Black On?
4. KISS: Satanic Acronym or Divine Inspiration?
5. Is Slayer Sympathetic to the Reich?
6. Does Marilyn Manson Dance with the Devil?
7. Did Alice Cooper Commit Fowl Play?
8. Was Brian Jones’ Death an Accident—or Murder?
9. Why Was Paul McCartney (Temporarily) Dead in 1969?
10. How Did Gram Parsons’ Corpse Come to Burn in the Desert?
11. Is That the Sound of Murder on “Love Rollercoaster”?
12. Did Sid Vicious’ Mum Spill His Ashes?
13. Did Bobby McFerrin Do Himself In?
14. Was Johnny Thunders’ Death More than Just Junkie Business?
15. Who Killed Kurt Cobain?
16. Have You Seen This Man?
17. Did John Lennon and Brian Epstein Really . . .You Know . . . ?
18. Were Those Really Sharks That Led Zeppelin Caught in Seattle?
19. Did John Paul Jones Mistake a Transvestite for a Female Groupie?
20. Did Mick Jagger and David Bowie Spend the Night Together?
21. Was Donna Summer Self-Lovin’ in the Studio?
22. Does Sting Hold the Secret to Marathon Sex?
23. Was Ciara Ever “Like a Boy”?
24. Lady Gaga Was Born What Way?
25. Was “Puff, the Magic Dragon” One Toke Over the Line?
26. Did the Beatles Get Stoned at Buckingham Palace?
27. Did George Jones Really Drive His Lawnmower to the Liquor Store?
28. Did Hendrix Put LSD in His Headband?
29. Was the Beatles’ “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” About LSD?
30. What Were Those Chambers in Jerry Garcia’s Guitars Really For?
31. Was America’s “Horse” a Bunch of Junk?
32. Did Stevie Nicks Have a Bump of “Backdoor” Blow?
33. Did Willie Nelson Really Get Baked at the White House?
34. Was Frank Zappa the Progeny of Children’s TV?
35. Weird Al Yankovic—Who’s His Daddy?
36. What’s the Story with the White Stripes’ “Brother-Sister” Act?
37. Really? Keith Richards Had a Snort of His Dad’s Earthly Remains?
38. Did Mick Jagger Eat a Mars Bar Lodged You Know Where?
39. Did Mama Cass Elliot Choke to Death on a Ham Sandwich?
40. Did Frank Zappa Drop a Load on Stage . . .and Then Eat It?
41. Does Ozzy Have a Taste for Things with Wings?
42. What’s Up with Van Halen and M&Ms?
43. Did Keith Richards Really Get the Flush ’n’ Fill?
44. Gene Simmons’ Tongue Bovine-Enhanced?
45. Did Rod Stewart Really Have a Stomach Full of . . . Ewwww!
46. Michael’s Master Manipulations
47. Marilyn Manson’s Spare Rib?
48. How Much Time Did Johnny Cash Really Do?
49. Did Charles Manson Ever Monkee Around?
50. Was a Future SNL Alum in Steely Dan?
51. What Was Bob Dylan’s Motorcycle Nightmare?
52. Was Grace Slick’s Daughter Named on Impulse, or Was It Preplanned?
53. How Did Vince Become Alice?
54. Was Pink Floyd Off to See the Wizard?
55. Did Keith Moon Roll That Royce into a Swimming Pool?
56. Did KISS Put a Bit of Themselves (Literally) into Their Comic Book?
57. Did This Alter-Ego Give Prince Extra Starr Power?


November 12,2012
Daniel Durchholz, author of Rock N' Roll Myths: The True Stories Behind the Most Infamous Legends, is setting the record straight about some of rock music's best kept secrets. Learn More.
October 19,2012
From overnight sensations and epic affairs to drunken arrests and unsolved murders, there are more legends about the music and movie industries than inquiring minds can count. Two St. Louis-area authors have investigated 113 of them in a pair of new volumes published by Voyageur Press: Rock 'n' Roll Myths and Hollywood Myths. Learn More.
October 17,2012
Rock critic, author, mythbuster Gary Graff is about to enter the Hall of Fame. Not the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame -- quite yet -- but the Allderdice High School Hall of Fame. Learn More.