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The Textile Artist's Studio Handbook

Learn Traditional and Contemporary Techniques for Working with Fiber, Including Weaving, Knitting, Dyeing, Painting, and More

The Textile Artist's Studio Handbook

Owyn Ruck

Format: Paperback, 176 Pages
Item: 199781
ISBN: 9781592537778
Publisher: Quarry Books
Illustrations: 200+
Size: 8 x 10
Weight: 1.438 lb.
Published: July 1st 2012
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Explore the world of textile arts, one thread at a time!

The Textile Artist’s Studio Handbook is the only book you need for expanding your repertoire of textile crafting and design techniques. This is the go-to guide for the foundations of design and fabrication, glossary of materials, and classic techniques that include weaving, dyeing, painting, and more! Plus, where else can you get behind-the-scenes access to setting up the best home textile studio for you?

Inside, you’ll find exploration of basic materials (including fibers, dyes, paints, and other media); visual tutorials for spinning, felting, crochet, weaving, sewing, and quilting; primers for surface decoration techniques such as dyeing, painting, stitching, and screen printing; and patterns and project instructions.

Visnja Popovic is the co-founder and education director of the Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn, NY. Owyn Ruck is the co-founder and general manager of the Textile Arts Center. They both currently reside in Brooklyn.

"If you've been itching to try a new fiber-related technique, The Textile Artist's Studio Handbook has you covered. This new book teaches the basics of weaving, knitting, printing on fabric, and more in an easy-to-understand format." - Handwoven Magazine, November 2012
"Brought to you by the textile arts centre in New York, this book brings a beautifully laid out overview to various ways of creating and embellishing fabric: felting, knitting and crochet, weaving, printing, dyeing, sewing and applique, needlework." - Kath Red
"The subtitle "Learn Traditional and Contemporary Techniques for Working with Fiber, Including Weaving, Knitting, Dyeing, Painting, and More" is a wonderful summery of its contents. If you finally have the time, space, and budget, Part 1, devoted to building a home studio, is definitely for you. Part 2 covers seven different techniques for creating textiles from fibers and fabrics." - Notions Magazine

"What knitter doesn't dream of having an in-home oasis capable of catering to her every stitching whim? The perfect personal crafting studio isn't a pipe dream if you follow the lead of authors Ruck and Popovic (of The Textile Artist's Studio Handbook)."—Cheryl Krementz, Yarn Market News magazine

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Foreword by Natalie Chanin


Part I: Building a Home Textile Studio

Chapter 1: Planning the Layout

Chapter 2: Fiber Basics

Chapter 3: Felting

Chapter 4: Spinning, Knitting, and Crochet

Chapter 5: Weaving

Chapter 6: Printing

Chapter 7: Dyeing

Chapter 8: Sewing, Quilting, and Applique

Chapter 9: Needlework



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