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Great Gluten-Free Vegan Eats

Cut Out the Gluten and Enjoy an Even Healthier Vegan Diet with Recipes for Fabulous, Allergy-Free Fare

Great Gluten-Free Vegan Eats
Format: Paperback, 224 Pages
ISBN: 9781592335138
Publisher: Fair Winds Press
Illustrations: 100+
Size: 7.5 x 9.25
Weight: 0.06 lb.
Published: Jun. 1, 2012
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Following a plant-based, gluten-free diet is one of the healthiest lifestyle choices around, yet it can be a challenge to create meals that not only match your needs, but taste delicious too. But not any longer! Great Gluten-Free Vegan Eats shows you exactly how to create compassionate and wheat-free recipes that are impressive enough for even the most seasoned foodie. Full of fresh and all-natural ingredients, the 101 fully-photographed, scrumptious recipes you’ll find inside prove that eating vegan and gluten-free doesn’t have to be a sacrifice, but a delight!

From tempting appetizers, to hearty mains, to luscious desserts, you’ll find dishes to suit your every need and craving, including:

-Cherry Vanilla Bean Pancakes

-Mediterranean Croquettes

-Coconut Asparagus Soup

-Roasted Red Pepper & Fava Salad

-Walnut Ravioli with Vodka Sauce

-Rosemary, Leek & Potato Pie

-Chocolate Hazelnut Brownie Cheesecake

-Banana Berry Cobbler

Live a healthy and sustainable life, while still enjoying the foods you love, with Great Gluten-Free Vegan Eats!

Allyson Kramer is the founder of the blog Manifest Vegan (, which she launched in 2009 as a way to communicate her love of vegan cooking and recipe development to the world. Shortly after the site's launch, Allyson was diagnosed with Celiac disease, and she began focusing solely on gluten-free, vegan recipes. Manifest Vegan was listed as one of the top veg blogs of 2010 by VegNews Magazine, and has received praise on such sites as,, and Foodgawker. Allyson develops all of the recipes and photos that appear on the site. She is also a contributer to National Celiac Foundation Association newsletter and She lives in Philadelphia, PA.

"Top-notch photography, interesting-yet-not-overwhelming recipes, and an affable, approachable style are the hallmarks of Manifest Vegan, and each of these qualities shines through in the 200-plus page Great Gluten-Free Vegan Eats." - VegNews
"Gluten-free vegan dishes can be some of the healthiest and most challenging meals to whip up. Thanks to GREAT GLUTEN-FREE VEGAN EATS by Allyson Kramer it may have gotten easier for you!" - Wendy Limauge
"This cookbook is filled with tempting recipes which I have earmarked for when my boys' unrelenting summer schedule slows down enough that I can get reacquainted with my kitchen." - Heidi Kelly
"Allyson has so many delectable recipes that it's hard to decide what to make first. You'll find yourself cooking from this book again and again." - Kathy Hester, author of The Vegan Slow Cooker
"In her debut cookbook, Allyson Kramer opens up a world of delicious possibilities for those eager to learn more about eating gluten-and animal-free. You'll be amazed by the creative flavor combinations and mouthwatering photos, which will have you racing to your kitchen to try them out." - Beverly Lynn Bennett, co-author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Gluten-Free Vegan Cooking
"Allyson's recipes are living proof that vegan as well as gluten-free food is delicious and fun! 'You can eat cake' ... and then some!" - Carolyn Scott-Hamilton, author of The Healthy Voyager's Global Kitchen
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Chapter 1: The Gluten-Free Vegan Pantry & Basics

Chapter 2: Breakfasts

Chapter 3: Main Courses

Chapter 4: Salads & Soups

Chapter 5: Appetizers, Sides & Snacks

Chapter 6: Desserts & Beverages

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About the Author


Rosemary, Leek & Potato Pie

My father used to make potatoes au gratin for dinner all the time when I was a little girl, as it was often just the two of us enjoying our meals together. This is a tribute to one of my dad’s favorite dinners, with a few more “grown-up” flavors added in for good measure. Serve with a bowl of soup for a delicious, well-rounded meal.


—3 pounds (1.36 kg) thin-skinned potatoes, unpeeled and very thinly sliced (about 1/ 8 inch [3 mm] thick) into rounds

—Sea salt

—4 cloves garlic, minced, divided

—2 tablespoons (5 g) minced fresh rosemary sprigs

—1 leek, white and light green part only, cleaned well and thinly sliced

—1/2 cup (65 g) nutritional yeast

—7 tablespoons (100 g) nondairy margarine, melted


Preheat the oven to 400 degrees (200 degrees C, or gas mark 6). Lightly grease an 8-inch (20.3 cm)-springform pan using margarine or nonstick spray.

Arrange the potatoes in one even layer so that they cover the bottom of the pan, overlapping as necessary with no gaps. Sprinkle lightly with sea salt, about one-fourth of the minced garlic, and a little fresh rosemary. Arrange a few rings of leeks (distributing evenly) on top of the potatoes.

Dust with nutritional yeast until all the potatoes are well covered and then drizzle with a little melted margarine (a little more than 1 tablespoon [14 g]).

Cover with a second thin layer of potatoes, then salt, garlic, and rosemary, and then a few more rings of leek, and finally nutritional yeast and a drizzle of margarine. Repeat the layering process again and again until all the ingredients have been used. Add a last layer of potatoes around the rim for an extra-special presentation. You should end up with 4 or 5 layers of potatoes.

Bake for about 1 hour and 5 minutes or until a butter knife easily slides through all layers of potatoes. If the potatoes begin to brown quickly, cover lightly with foil during the last 20 minutes of cooking.

Let cool briefly and then carefully remove the springform rim.

Slice carefully into wedges and serve immediately.

Yield: 8 servings

Nutritional Analysis: Per serving = 294 calories; 11 g fat; 9 g protein; 43 g carbohydrate; 7 g dietary fiber; 0 mg cholesterol


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