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The Big Book of Fly Fishing Tips & Tricks

501 Strategies, Techniques, and Sure-Fire Methods

The Big Book of Fly Fishing Tips & Tricks
Format: Hardcover, 224 Pages
ISBN: 9780760343746
Publisher: MVP Books
Illustrations: 311 color & 1 b/w photos & 7 illustrations
Size: 8.75 x 11.25
Weight: 0.19 lb.
Published: Jan. 15, 2013
Price: $30.00
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Fly fishing can be an incredibly exciting and rewarding activity, but it is also very challenging, requiring skill, planning, and perhaps a little bit of luck. Catching the big one requires plenty of preparation, from choosing the right gear to scouting locations and managing travel. Whether you’re fishing in freshwater streams or large bodies of saltwater, wading near the banks or drifting in a boat, The Big Book of Fly Fishing Tips & Tricks is the one resource every angler should consult.

Featuring vivid photos and lessons from renowned expert C. Boyd Pfeiffer, The Big Book of Fly Fishing Tips & Tricks is loaded with information that will lead to simpler, faster, cheaper, and more effective fishing. It offers essential advice and step-by-step instructions on tackle; rigging your fly outfit; fighting, landing, and releasing a fish; casting under a range of different conditions; unsnagging ties; and more. Discover the wealth of tools and methods used to tie a wide variety of flies, with essential details on legs, tails, bodies, and wings. With full-color photos providing detailed illustration for hundreds of tips, tricks, and strategies, you’re sure to be fully prepared for every fly-fishing scenario and situation.
No angler will want to be without this indispensible reference.


C. Boyd Pfeiffer (Phoenix, MD) is an award-winning outdoor journalist and photographer. Widely known for his expertise in fresh and saltwater fishing, tackle, fly tying, fly fishing, and outdoor photography, he has fished extensively since a youth and contributed to the outdoor press for almost 50 years.
“…it’s content impressed me so much that I put my fishing rods away for a bit to write about it!” - HuntingTheFirstState.com
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Part I: General Fly Fishing Tips
Chapter 1 Tackle and Tackle Rigging: Making the Most of Your Equipment
Chapter 2 Getting Ready: Preparation and Other Essential Gear
Chapter 3 General Fly Fishing: Basic Tips and Strategies
Chapter 4 Casting: From Line Control to Mending to Retrieving
Chapter 5 Freshwater Fly Fishing: Working Streams and Rivers
Chapter 6 Saltwater Fly Fishing: Reading Water, Locating Fish, Choosing Flies
Chapter 7 Fly Fishing from Boats: Tactics for Anchors, Drifting, Line Tangles
Chapter 8 Care and Cleanup: Keeping Equipment in Prime Condition
Chapter 9 Travel with Fly Tackle: On the Road and in the Air
Part II: Fly Tying Tips
Chapter 10 Getting Started with Fly Tying
Chapter 11 Tools and How to Use Them
Chapter 12 Thread: Tying On and Tying Off
Chapter 13 Handling Hooks and Making Weed Guards
Chapter 14 Making Legs, Adding Eyes, and Tying on Tails
Chapter 15 Tying Bodies, Heads, and Ribbing
Chapter 16 Working with Cork, Foam, and Balsa
Chapter 17 Tying Fly Wings: Wet, Dry, Streamer, Saltwater, Bass
Chapter 18 A Few Miscellaneous Tips
Final Words
Further Reading