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Space Shuttle Discovery

The Champion of the Space Shuttle Fleet

Space Shuttle Discovery

Valerie Neal

Format: Hardcover, 144 Pages
Item: 200267
ISBN: 9780760343838
Publisher: Zenith Press
Illustrations: 140 color & 10 b/w photos
Size: 8.25 x 10.25
Edition: First
Price: $30.00
Not Yet Published - Available 06/20/2014
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This book places Space Shuttle Discovery within the history of the space shuttle program and provides an introduction to space shuttle technology with a focus on the orbiter itself.  Discovery’s unique history is presented mission by mission that includes a brief narrative of each mission, a chart of its key statistics (dates, duration, altitude, payloads, etc.), each mission’s patch with an explanation of its unique symbolism, a crew portrait, and two to four iconic photos that capture the distinct activities and successes of each mission. The book also features anecdotes and memories of several astronauts who flew on Discovery, as well as its modernization over the years and its final preparation for retirement at the Smithsonian.

Valerie Neal joined the Smithsonian NASM as a curator in 1989 and is responsible for post-Apollo human spaceflight artifact collections, which principally document the history of Skylab and the space shuttle.
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