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One Watercolor a Day

A 6-Week Course Exploring Creativity Using Watercolor, Pattern, and Design

One Watercolor a Day
Format: Paperback, 128 Pages
ISBN: 9781592538577
Publisher: Quarry Books
Series: One A Day
Illustrations: 100 color photos
Size: 9 x 8.5
Weight: 0.06 lb.
Published: Dec. 1, 2013
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Spark new ideas and increase your creativity with One Watercolor a Day. This enchanting art book contains six weeks' worth of daily watercolor paintings and exercises to help you cultivate your imagination and develop your style. Each day will bring you a new painting by one of eight professional illustrators and includes a description of the work, helpful comments by the artist, and a companion exercise that encourages you to put brush to paper to create your own works of art. Uncover new techniques and solutions, and get valuable advice on how to approach and execute your own artwork. Professional tips throughout the book will broaden your knowledge on watercolor painting. One Watercolor a Day brings the world of watercolor painting to your paintbrush and is sure to become a motivational and inspirational book in your personal library.

Veronica Lawlor is currently on the faculty of Pratt Institute and Parsons School of Design. She teaches at Dalvero Academy and is the president of Studio 1482, an illustration collective based in New York City. Lawlor has exhibited her work at the United Nations, the Puck Gallery, the Society of Illustrators, and the Ellis Island Museum of Immigration. Her illustration work has appeared in numerous publications including New York, Vanity Fair, Food & Wine, and the New York Times. She was interviewed for an article in Communication Arts 2007 Illustration Annual and was featured in "Top Ten Illustrators to Watch" in the 2009 World Association of Newspapers. Veronica's work may be seen at She blogs at and contributes to and

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