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Crochet Outerwear Scarves

Complete Instructions for 8 Projects

Crochet Outerwear Scarves
Format: Paperback, 32 Pages
ISBN: 9781589237629
Illustrations: 33 color photos
Size: 8.5 x 11
Published: Dec. 1, 2012
Price: $12.99
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Scarves are the ultimate take-along project and are the perfect starter project for those new to the art of crocheting.  Learn how to crochet outwear scarves in eight eye-catching styles with Crochet Outerwear Scarves. From stripes, to puffs, blocks, ridges, and pompoms, these scarves are easy to make and awesome to wear. Each booklet includes an abbreviations key in the front.

Margaret Hubert has written a dozen books for Creative Publishing over the last several years, including The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet, The Complete Photo Guide to Knitting, The Granny Square Book, Lacework for Adventurous Crocheters, Runway Crochet, and Granny Square Flowers. Through her books, her classes, and convention seminars, Margaret has been instrumental in fostering and developing new generations of crocheters. In a fitting tribute to her lifelong work as a needle art designer, the Crochet Guild of America honored Margaret in 2012 by naming her to their Hall of Fame. Learn more about her on her website, margaretshooksandneedles.blogspot.com or on Ravelry, www.ravelry.com/designers/margaret-hubert.

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