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The Replacements

Waxed-Up Hair and Painted Shoes: The Photographic History

The Replacements Waxed-Up Hair and Painted Shoes: The Photographic History

Jim Walsh


Dennis Pernu

Format: Hardcover, 160 Pages
ISBN: 9780760345238
Publisher: Voyageur Press
Illustrations: 116 color & 141 b/w photos
Size: 8.75 x 11.25
Weight: 0.13 lb.
Published: Nov. 16, 2013
Price: $30.00
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The Replacements were the darlings of 1980s rock critics and, by all accounts, would have been much more commercially successful if not for their penchant for self-sabotage. As a result, the legend of this late and great Minneapolis, Minnesota-based band has grown more since they disbanded in 1991 than it ever did during the ten-plus years of their career. Following the critical acclaim of Voyageur Press' The Replacements: All Over but the Shouting: An Oral History (2007) comes this visual look back at the band that many have labeled the best of the 1980s. Gathering rare candid and performance photographs taken of the band across the country from 1979 to 1991, The Replacements: Waxed-Up Hair and Painted Shoes: The Photographic History offers a rich repository of images snapped for alt-weeklies, fanzines, and college newspapers and which, in a pre-Internet age, never saw the light of day outside of the cities in which they were shot. In addition to rare gems of the band at their self-deprecating, adolescent, booze-fueled best, this book features the classic images of the band without which no Replacements book would be complete, as well as a selection of gig flyers, record label promo items, backstage passes, and other memorabilia gathered from collectors around the country. Arranged chronologically, each chapter includes a brief essay by noted Minneapolis rock scribe Jim Walsh, making this the most complete, informed and only illustrated history of the band ever produced.

Jim Walsh spent several years singing in Twin Cities bands before turning to rock journalism. In 1990 he became the music editor at City Pages, an alternative weekly in Minneapolis. Three years later, he joined the St. Paul Pioneer Press as the pop music columnist and as a feature writer, and in 2002 he left Minnesota to study at Stanford University on a John S. Knight Fellowship. Walsh returned to Minneapolis in 2003, where he lives with his wife and two children, and performs and records as his musical alter ego, The Mad Ripple (www.myspace.com/themadripple and www.myspace.com/madripplemusic).

Jim Walsh (www.jimwalshmpls.com) is the author of Voyageur Press' The Replacements: All Over But the Shouting: An Oral History (2007). In 1990 he became the music editor at City Pages, an alternative weekly in Minneapolis, and three years later,  joined the St. Paul Pioneer Press as the pop music columnist. In 2002 he left Minnesota to study at Stanford University on a John S. Knight Fellowship, but returned to Minneapolis in 2003, where he lives with his wife and two children, and performs and records as his musical alter ego, The Mad Ripple.Dennis Pernu is an editor and freelance writer. He lives in Minneapolis with his wife and two sons.
"As you know, I'm a huge Replacements fan and will never, ever tire of their music, even though I'm sure I've heard some songs thousands of times by now. This month Voyageur Press publishes a hardcover photo book that shows the band from 1979 through 1991. The Replacements: Waxed Up Hair & Painted Shoes: The Photographic History includes essays by Jim Walsh, author of 2007''s 'Mats oral history, All Over But the Shouting. It also showcases many images I've never seen before - and I say this as someone who, as a teen, would cut out every Paul Westerberg shot she could find and tape it to her notebook or bedroom wall." - Whitney Matheson, USAToday
“As Westerberg sings in “Favorite Thing,” “I think big, once in a while.” The book captures the ‘Mats in these moments, when they’re at their best, thinking biggest—cheerfully disruptive, prodigiously talented.” - PasteMagazine.com

“…a feast for fan’s eyes” - Spin.com
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