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Little Book of Mini

Little Book of Mini

Brian Laban

Format: Hardcover, 128 Pages
ISBN: 9781907803628
Publisher: G2 Entertainment
Series: Little Books
Size: 6 x 6
Weight: 0.06 lb.
Published: Mar. 1, 2013
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Whether it's about the classic, original Mini or the new generation MINI from BMW, this is the story of an extraordinary motoring icon - a car that was conceived as the answer to a crisis but became one of the best known, best loved and biggest selling small cars in motoring history. It is the story of a car that was designed for the masses but became a must-have fashion statement for the rich and famous. The Little Book of Mini is an inspirational story of a car that has been reinvented for a new millennium, and for such a small car, it is one of the greatest motoring stories of them all.
Brian Laban is a well-known U.K based motoring writer and author of numerous books.
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