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Oil & Acrylic

Oceans & Seascapes

Oil & Acrylic
Format: Paperback, 32 Pages
ISBN: 9781600582745
Illustrations: 100
Size: 10.25 x 13.75
Published: Dec. 15, 2012
Price: $8.95
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Capture breathtaking oceanic scenes in oil and acrylic with Oceans & Seascapes. After being introduced to the basic tools and materials needed to begin painting, artists will learn specific techniques for painting realistic waves, rocky shores, and other seaside elements. Filled with step-by-step projects, this book is essential for any beginning artist who wants to paint beautiful oceans and seascapes.

Martin Clarke is fascinated by water. A native Australian, he has spent most of that time surfing, swimming, and soaking up his muse: the ocean. Although Martin came to painting late in life, he is driven by a constant strive to make each piece his best. When asked where his inspiration comes from, he talks of the beach on an early summermorning: "how the surf pounds the sandy shore's back, how the sun glistens off towering wave faces, and the sea spray catches light, sparkling like diamonds."Based in Mandurah, Western Australia, Martin is surrounded by the Indian Ocean, the Peel Harvey Estuary, and the Dawesville Cut.

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Tools & Materials
Basic Techniques
Seascape Techniques
Ellenbrook Shore
Unridden Wave
Foaming Waters
The Reef
Closing Words
Welcome to the incredible, diverse world of painting the ocean, coast, and  sea. In this book you’ll explore how to paint several different seascapes in oil, using a number of simple yet effective techniques. In the process, you’ll discover the versatility of oil paints, which are forgiving and produce wonderful color. With their long drying time, oils are ideal for blending and can produce areas that are smooth or textured. Oils are an ideal medium to portray the ever-changing moods and drama of this very special subject: the sea.