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Landscapes in Colored Pencil

Connect to your colorful side as you learn to draw landscapes in colored pencil

Landscapes in Colored Pencil

Eileen Sorg

Format: Paperback, 64 Pages
ISBN: 9781600582806
Illustrations: 120
Size: 6.5 x 9.5
Published: Jun. 1, 2012
Price: $9.95
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Drawing Made Easy: Landscapes in Colored Pencil features a variety of nature scenes and landscapes in a fun, approachable medium that appeals to artists of all levels. As readers move through the techniques and projects, they will learn how to capture the beauty of the natural world using colored pencils to render shadows, create realistic textures, express time of day and mood, and draw a variety subjects—from mountains and beach scenes to flowers, foliage, and more.

Eileen Sorg is an award-winning artist who lives on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State with her husband, Scott, and their terrier, Scout. Working primarily with a mixed media technique of colored pencil, watercolor, and ink, Eileen always strives for unique compositions that set her work apart. She spends much of her time creating custom artwork for her many clients. Eileen is a signature member of the Colored Pencil Society of America and a juried member of the International Guild of Realism and the Society of Animal Artists in New York. Her work is represented in several regional galleries and can be found on the web.

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Tools & Materials
Color Basics
Colored Pencil Techniques
Layering & Blending
Creating Form
Tracing & Transferring
Rustic Barn
Beach Chairs
Night Sky

Colored pencil is amazingly satisfying to work with, partly because it’s so easily manipulated and controlled. The way you sharpen your pencil, the way you hold it, and the amount of pressure you apply all affect the strokes you create. With colored pencils, you can create everything from soft blends to brilliant highlights to realistic textures. Once you get the basics down, you’ll be able to decide which techniques will capture your subject’s unique qualities. There are as many techniques in the art of colored pencil as there are effects—and the more you practice and experiment, the more potential you will see in the images that inspire you.