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Learn to Draw Forest Animals & Wildlife

Step-by-step instructions for 20 different woodland animals

Learn to Draw Forest Animals & Wildlife

Robbin Cuddy

Format: Paperback, 40 Pages
ISBN: 9781600583087
Publisher: Walter Foster Jr
Illustrations: 120
Size: 8.37 x 10.87
Published: Oct. 15, 2012
Price: $4.95
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Learn to Draw Forest Animals and Other Wildlife is an adventurous addition to the Learn to Draw Series. Forest, frontier and prairie animals are beautiful and majestic, peaceful and ferocious. Children will learn to draw a bald eagle, a gentle deer, and a grizzly bear, among others, by following the simple step-by-step instructions. In addition, young artists will also learn a variety of fascinating facts about the drawing subjects, as well as useful drawing tips to help guide them along the way. Whether they’re nature lovers or simply enjoy animals of all kinds, children will love drawing these wild animals of the forest.

Robbin Cuddy began her career designing packaging for toys, games, and puzzles. She eventually became a freelance illustrator and concentrates primarily on children's books. She resides in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

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Getting Started
Tools & Materials
Grizzly Bear
Gray Squirrel
Barn Owl
Red Fox
Cutthroat Trout
Prairie Rattlesnake
Bighorn Sheep
Stag Deer
Rocky Mountain Goat
Bald Eagle
Mountain Lion
Mute Swan
When you look closely at the drawings in this book, you’ll notice that they’re made up of basic shapes, such as circles, ovals, and triangles. To draw your favorite creatures, just start with simple shapes as you see here. It’s easy and fun!