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101 Mixed Media Techniques

Master the fundamental concepts of mixed media art

101 Mixed Media Techniques
Format: Spiral, 128 Pages
ISBN: 9781600583667
Illustrations: 375
Size: 6.75 x 9.75
Published: Jan. 1, 2014
Price: $19.95
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In 101 Mixed Media Techniques, artists of all backgrounds and skill levels will learn and explore fun, cutting-edge techniques in the exceedingly popular genre of mixed media art. Mixed media enthusiasts will enjoy learning the essential concepts for creating their own mixed media art--whether they are experienced in its approaches or just starting out. 101 Mixed Media Techniques features a wide variety of traditional and eclectic techniques, including drawing and painting techniques, stamping, stitching, using photos, prepping backgrounds, working with wax, using different kinds of inks, collaging, journaling, and working with encaustics. Multiple ways to use each technique are provided to inspire and nurture creative freedom in each artist. Each technique is presented in a step-by-step format, beginning with an overview of the required tools and materials. Instructions are presented in a straightforward, approachable style, so beginning to advanced artists can master them with ease. The engaging and accessible format allows for the option of focusing on one technique at a time or several, catering to the preference of each artist. Readers will not only learn a variety of techniques, but will also discover new ideas and inspiration for using the techniques in their own projects. With so many options to choose from, 101 Mixed Media Techniques has something to offer every type of artist and is sure to inspire new forms of creativity.

Cherril Doty is a counselor, writer, and artist in Laguna Beach, California. Cherril is a team coach and group leader with the nationwide Artists Conference Network and focuses most of her artistic energy on book-making, found-art sculpting, mixed media, print and collage, and abstract acrylic paintings. She is a six-year exhibitor at the Sawdust Art Festival in Laguna Beach, and her work is in many private collections. In addition, Cherril is the author of The Color of Joy, a book of hope in rhyme.


Suzette Rosenthal earned a BA in Art from California State University, Los Angeles. In addition to designing and producing a high-end line of knitwear, Suzette is drawn to collage, using textures and color to create visual interest.

Isaac Anderson is a self-taught artist who's passion for photography has taken him on many journeys as documentary filmmaker. He has spent the last eight years in Southern California experimenting with photography, mixed-media painting and documentary filmmaking. Joe Martino spent many years teaching chemistry, anatomy, and marine biology, but he has always been an artist at heart. He was recently featured as one of Stark County's finest artists in the book Stark ARThology.

Jennifer McCully is a graphic designer who expanded her horizon to include mixed media work. Her creative spirit can be seen on her bold canvases, which feature vibrant and simple objects that are energetic and inspiring. Her childlike creations evoke happiness, and her inspiration is drawn from practically anything. Jennifer is a full-time Etsy seller, operating four different shops.


Originally from a little beach town in Hawai'i called Kailua, Linda Robertson Womack is a nationallyrecognized artist, art instructor, and the author of Embracing Encaustic: Learning to Paint with Beeswax. She recently introduced a series of online encaustic classes bringing together a community of international artists at www.womackworkshops.com.


Samantha Kira Harding is an artist by accident, a writer by schooling, and an explorer by birth. Samantha teaches classes on journaling and the artful experiences of daily life, including "True to You," a workshop focusing on every day as fuel for journaling adventures. She has been published in Somerset Studio, Artful Blogging, Art Journaling and Cloth, Paper, Scissors.


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