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Tangled Art Blank Note Cards & Envelopes

Set of 16 featuring four different images

Tangled Art Blank Note Cards & Envelopes

Penny Raile

Format: Cards, 16 Pages
ISBN: 9781600584282
Size: 6.75 x 4.875
Published: Jan. 2, 2014
Price: $14.99
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Packaged in an attractive hinged-lid box with magnetic closure, this stationery set contains 16 blank notecards with four rotating images and colorful envelopes.


Talented Zentangle(R) artist Penny Raile is known among the art community for her whimsical designs and spirited use of color. As part of her work with a Los Angeles nonprofit organization, she has taught children's art therapy classes. As one of the four authors of The Art of Zentangle, Penny's publishing debut has enjoyed combined sales of 61,058 within the first 7 months of release. A "maker of stuff," Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) and artist Penny Raile is known for her whimsical projects that range from cardboard cuckoo clocks to WhimBots crafted from thrift-store finds. Penny loves color and things that make people smile. She brings her special brand of creativity to all of her professional pursuits, including her many years in fundraising and development for nonprofit organizations. Her projects and events have delighted countless children for whom art is a rare experience. Visit www.tangletangletangle.com and www.railetypepad.com.

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How to Use this Book                                                   
Tools & Materials                                                                           
Getting Started                                                                               
Basic Patterns                                                                  
Whimsical Tangling with Penny Raile, CZT                                   
                Creatures & Sillies                                                           
                Project #1: Fish Aquarium                                           
                Project #2: Fantasy Gardens                                      
                Project #3: Tangly Toadstools                    
                Tangled Motifs                                                 
                Channeling Picasso                                                         
                Project #4: Silhouette Tangles           
A wonderful source of inspiration can be found in Japanese motifs, which are easily found in Asian art and nature. Look through books or online for ideas. When you see something you like, add the pattern to the bonsai tree below.


Zentangle How to Pattern Tutorial