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Interactive Design An Introduction to the Theory and Application of User-centered Design

Interactive Design

With rich imagery, this innovative, comprehensive book examines the user-centered design process from the perspective of a designer....
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Visual Language for Designers

Visual Language for Designers

Within every picture is a hidden language that conveys a message, whether it is intended or not. This language is based on the ways people perceive and process visual information. By understanding...
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A Designer's Research Manual

A Designer's Research Manual

Doing research can make all the difference between a great design and a good design. By engaging in competitive intelligence, customer profiling, color and trend forecasting, etc., designers are able to bring...
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The Graphic Designer's Electronic-Media Manual

The Graphic Designer's Electronic-Media Manual

This comprehensive resource for graphic designers will help you merge traditional print design skills with new technology to create imaginative, informative, and useful online experiences for clients and ultimately the end users....
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