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The Physics of Pitching

The Physics of Pitching

The Physics of Pitching is a well-rounded and comprehensive study that explores the formula for success in pitching and the secret to staying healthy and injury free. It brings...
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Yankee Classics World Series Magic from the Bronx Bombers, 1921 to Today

Yankee Classics

No team, in any sport, enjoys a championship legacy as celebrated as the New York Yankees--and no book provides as thorough an exploration of that legacy as Yankee Classics. ...
$30.00 $24.00
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The Phillies Experience

The Phillies Experience

This year-by-year history of one of baseball’s most iconic franchises presents the stories, characters, and memorable moments that have defined every season of Philadelphia Phillies baseball since the franchise’s founding in 1883....
$35.00 $28.00
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Rod Carew's Hit to Win

Rod Carew's Hit to Win

In the more than 40 years since Rod Carew debuted in the big leagues, he's watched thousands of great and not-so-great hitters while discerning the fundamentals of success at the plate. Countless...
$22.99 $18.39
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Juan Marichal My Journey from the Dominican Republic to Cooperstown

Juan Marichal

In Juan Marichal, Marichal tells the story of his rise from a young boy living on a rural farm in the Dominican Republic to his status as one of the great...
$25.00 $20.00
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