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About Speed TV Books
For the first time ever, all of the books and calendars published by the Quayside Publishing Group and its distribution clients are available for sale through one site. Speed TV Books features over 7,000 titles for you and your entire family.

Quayside Publishing Group represents a dynamic group of imprints dedicated to providing quality and excellence to its readers. Each imprint embodies the breadth and scope of its specialty topics—everything from transportation to graphic design, gardening and cooking to craft, art instruction to history, DIY to music, sports and more!

Quayside encompasses Cool Springs Press, Creative Publishing international, Fair Winds Press, Motorbooks, MVP Books, Quarry Books, Quiver, Rockport Publishers, Voyageur Press, Walter Foster Publishing, Zenith Press, and Book Sales. Speed TV Books also features books and videos from over 25 other international enthusiast publishers.

Do I need to sign in or register to make purchases at Speed TV

Not at all. However, if you would like to view previously placed orders, or to view the status of backorders, creating an account is required.

How do I edit my name, address, e-mail, phone number or password?
Log in to your account. The login can be found at the bottom of the left column of every page. After you've logged in, select the My Account button. There you can edit your account information or change your password by selection the Edit Account or Change Password options.

Do I need a password? And what if I forget my password?

Yes, you need a password to register. Your password will help protect against other customers seeing your private account information.  If you have forgotten your password, simply click here.

How do I view orders I've already placed?
Log in to your account. The login can be found in the upper right-hand portion of every page. After you've logged in, select the My Account button. Then select View Orders. A list of orders will appear. View the order you'd like by clicking on the View link on the right.

Why can't I see my entire Order History?

Speed TV launched its new website replacing many old sites.  Because of technical circumstances, the order information between the old and new web sites could not be shared. Inquiries about earlier orders should be directed to

Am I able to send my order to a Military address?

Yes, we support military addresses.  APO stands for Army Post Office and FPO stands for Fleet Post Office. The first line determines how it will be routed.  You should enter either APO or FPO in the first address line, and AA, AE, or AP in the second address line, and then the corresponding state. If it's AA you should choose FL as the state, because it goes through Miami.  For AP, you would select CA as the state because it goes through San Francisco. For AE, you would select NY as the state because it goes through New York.

Why aren't there any items in my shopping cart?

Speed TV stores cookies on your computer to help us keep track of which products you have placed in your shopping cart.  Many web browsers today are installed with very tight security settings by default, and do not allow the storage of cookies.  If this is the case, the settings need to be modified on your web browser to allow cookies.  If this is still not fixing the problem, you might want to check and see if your computer is running an anti-virus or spyware program.  Oftentimes, these programs will partner with your web browser and disallow cookies as well.  Most browsers offer a "prompt" option for cookies, which still allows you to maintain control over what cookies/content are downloaded to your computer. To learn how to accept cookies in your browser, click Help in the menu bar of your browser.

Is it complicated to make purchases from Speed TV

Our goal is to make shopping easy, safe, and enjoyable. We provide outstanding customer service and work hard to ensure you get exactly the merchandise you desire. To start the purchase process, click on the "Add to Cart" button adjacent to the item you want to purchase. You will be led through the simple steps involved in making a purchase. For more information visit our Help page.


What is a promotion code?

Promotion codes are codes that when entered in the order process provide a discount in some form. Generally, they are only applied to the product, not shipping or taxes, unless otherwise specifically noted.


Where can I find a promotion code?

If you join our e-mail list , which we do not share with other companies, you are then a member of our VIP club. You can learn more about being a VIP member here.   Additionally, in the e-mails you receive from us there may be promotion codes for various products.


How do I apply a promotion code?

During the checkout process there are several opportunities to apply a promotion code. Just enter the promotion code in the Promotion Code box. The promotion codes are not case sensitive.


Can I use more than one promotion code?

Yes. However, the promotion codes will not be stacked; you will only receive the best of the applied promotion codes. For example, if you have two 25% off promotion codes and apply both, you will receive a 25% discount, not 50%. If you have several items in your order and apply the VIP 10% promotion code to those items and then apply another promotion code that gives you 25% off one of those items in your cart, you will receive 25% off that particular item and 10% off the remaining items.

What if I have trouble and cannot complete my purchase online? Can I contact someone?

Contact us via e-mail at, or call us at (800)458-0454.

What are my payment options?

Speed TV accepts several major credit cards, including MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Optima and Discover.

Is it safe to use my credit card for purchases?

Yes. We are committed to making Speed TV as secure, safe, and confidential as possible for our valued customers. We utilize the latest in data security software and hardware and we are constantly updating our security system.

What are my shipping options?

Click here for the full array of options.

How can I buy an E-Book?
Many of our books are available in E-Book formats. If an E-Book is available there will be "Buy the E-Book" links on the book detail page. These links will appear under the "Buy from Another Online Retailer" links, just to the right of the book cover image. Select the link to your favorite E-Book provider to purchase your book from that retailer. We do not sell E-Books directly through the Speed TV shopping cart. If the book you want isn't available as an E-Book, check back often. We're converting more titles to E-Book formats every day.

Will I receive an order confirmation?

Yes. After receiving your order, we will send you an e-mail confirmation with your order number. Then after the products ship, you will also receive a shipping confirmation.

How can I check the status of my order?

Log in to your account. Any orders you have placed will be listed.

Can I return merchandise I buy from Speed TV

Yes. We guarantee your satisfaction and will accept returns for replacement, exchange, credit, or a refund. For more information, visit our returns page. If for any reason you are dissatisfied, simply return the merchandise, with your order number and contact information, within 30 days to:
Speed TV Books
Quayside Publishing Group
Attn: Returns Department
677 Brighton Beach Road
Menasha, WI 54952

Can I cancel an order once I've placed it?

Yes - up to a certain point in the order fulfillment process. If we receive your cancellation request, via e-mail or phone before the order has reached the shipping stage, we can cancel all or part of it, whichever you desire. If an order that you tried to cancel is shipped, you can return it.

What is your privacy policy?

We are committed to protecting your privacy and the account information you share with us. We have the latest in security software and computer hardware to protect your privacy, and we update our system constantly to provide the fullest protection possible. Learn about our Privacy Policy.